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This page contains links to various FM related sites. These sites include Telecommunication authorities, Media agencies, Transmitter operators, International organisation, Networks, Directories and Hobby websites. This page has been created and is maintained by the team of FMLIST editors.
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Country Comment Type Link Link status

_ ITU IFIC Data until 2011 International organisation http://www.itu.int/ITU-R/publications/brific-ter/files/ific/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  ITU GE84 FM data International organisation http://www.itu.int/ITU-R/terrestrial/docs/brific/files/ge84/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  ITU Global Directory International organisation http://www.itu.int/online/mm/scripts/mm.list?_search=ITUstates&_languageid=1 HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  ITU Country Codes International organisation http://www.itu.int/online/mm/scripts/mm.list?_search=ITUstates&_territories=Y HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  DAB standard, technical details International organisation http://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_en/300400_300499/300401/01.04.01_40/en_300401v010401o.pdf HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  ITU country codes International organisation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ITU_letter_codes HTTP/1.1 301 TLS Red
  ITU IFIC Data from 2011 International organisation http://www.itu.int/ITU-R/index.asp?category=terrestrial&rlink=terrestrial-brific&lang=en HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  International Frequency Information Circular (Terrestrial Services) Telecommunication authority http://www.itu.int/ITU-R/publications/brific-ter/files/ge84/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Bandscan Europa Directory http://www.ukwtv.de/bandscan/bandscaneuropa/index.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Global Frequency Database (Utility) Directory http://qrg.globaltuners.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radiostation World Directory http://radiostationworld.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radiomap America Directory http://www.radiomap.us/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Your gateway to over 5000 radio stations streaming live on the internet Directory http://www.mikesradioworld.com/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  European radio stations streaming live on the internet Directory http://www.listenlive.eu/index.html HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  DX Zone Directory http://www.dxzone.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Canada & US Broadcast query Directory http://www.recnet.com/cdbs/fmq.php HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Administrative Divisions of Countries Directory http://www.statoids.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radiomap Europe Directory http://www.radiomap.eu/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio? Sure! Webstream search Directory http://www.radiosure.com/stations/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Reciva Internet Radio directory Directory http://www.reciva.com/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Log FM Directory http://www.logfm.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  European radio map Directory http://radiomap.eu/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  DAB Ensembles Worldwide Directory http://www.wohnort.org/DAB/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  FM Radio in Africa Directory https://www.radio-africa.org/ SSL certificate prob
  FM Radio in Asia Directory https://www.radio-asia.org/ SSL certificate prob
  Directorio de radios en FM (frecuencia modulada) Directory https://www.radio-america-latina.org/fm/ SSL certificate prob
  Media in Africa (map guide) Directory http://www.mediafrica.net/Map_Radios.asp?numlg=1 HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Blog with worldwide radio and TV news Hobby website https://blog.radioreporter.org/
  FMLIST Facebook Page Hobby website http://www.facebook.com/FMLIST.org HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  VHF DX, Es, Ms, QSO maps Hobby website http://www.dxmaps.com/ HTTP/1.1 302 Moved T
  North Africa and Middle East FM Database Hobby website http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/fm_index.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Caribbean's live radio streams Hobby website http://www.caribbean-radio.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Band 1 TVDX - Long Distance Television Reception [tv] Hobby website http://www.ukdx.org.uk/tv/tvindex.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Sony XDR-F1HD tuner test report Hobby website http://www.ham-radio.com/k6sti/xdr-f1hd.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  TVLIST 2001 [tv] Hobby website http://www.ukwtv.de/fmlist/frame_tvlist.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  TV offset list [tv] Hobby website http://dx.3sdesign.de/index.htm?tv_offset_list.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio World Hobby website http://www.radioworld.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Interval Signals, Station IDs Hobby website http://www.intervalsignals.net/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Antennas and towers Hobby website http://www.fmtvdx.eu/zendmast/masten.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Afghanistan Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority Telecommunication authority http://atra.gov.af/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t

Albania http://www.ama.gov.al/ Media agency http://www.ama.gov.al/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Frequency List from 2012 Telecommunication authority http://ama.gov.al/preview/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Raporti-vjetor-2012.pdf HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Frequency LIst - Tirana Network http://radiotirana-albania.webs.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Algeria Algerian frequency list and transmitter photographs. Hobby website http://www.elahcene.co.uk/algeria/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  North Africa FM Database Hobby website http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/FreqOrder.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Argentina Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones Telecommunication authority https://www.enacom.gob.ar/
  PLAY SONICO Sonidos Urbanos En Linea Directory https://playsonicoweb.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Argentina-Radiodifusion Data Directory http://www.radiodifusiondata.com.ar/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Grupo Radioescucha Argentino Hobby website http://gruporadioescuchaargentino.wordpress.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  radio sol fm 105.7 Hobby website http://www.radiosolonline.com.ar

Armenia HHRA-NCTR Armenia Telecommunication authority http://www.tvradio.am/

Australia Radioinfo Australia International organisation http://www.radioinfo.com.au/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Australian Racing Radio Media agency http://www.pc.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/26838/sub013.pdf HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  ACMA broadcast stations database Telecommunication authority https://www.acma.gov.au/list-transmitters-licence-broadcast
  ACMA database register Telecommunication authority http://web.acma.gov.au/pls/radcom/assignment_range.range_search HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  ACMA FM Broadcast Transmitter Map Telecommunication authority http://www.acma.gov.au/interforms/transmitter_maps/fm.kmz HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Broadcast Australia Sitefinder Transmitter operators http://www.broadcastaustralia.com.au/sitefinder.html HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  - Directory http://www.australianliveradio.com/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Directory http://www.cbaa.org.au/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Australian Radio Stations Directory http://www.radioheritage.net/Australia/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  TV & FM DXing Australia - Facebook Hobby website https://www.facebook.com/groups/118428575505785
  Todd Emslie's TV FM DX Site Hobby website http://home.iprimus.com.au/toddemslie/dx.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Visiting Australia (2003) Hobby website http://www.vakantieweblog.eu/australie/bunyamountains/bunya_mountains.html inHTTP/1.1 400 Bad R
  FM DXing in Australia Hobby website http://fmdxing.wordpress.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  ICDX Australia Hobby website http://www.oocities.org/icdx_australia/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Austria Senderlisten des ORS fuer Oesterreich Telecommunication authority http://www.ors.at/de/kompetenzen/terrestrik/frequenzlisten/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Frequenzbuch Fernsehen analog und digital [tv] Telecommunication authority http://www.rtr.at/de/rf/FrequenzbuchTV HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Frequenzbcher fr Hrfunk und Fernsehen Telecommunication authority http://www.rtr.at/de/rf/Frequenzbuch HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  DVB-T in Austria [tv] Transmitter operators http://www.dvb-t.at HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Hrfunk- und Fernsehfrequenzen - Gemeindeeigene Sendeanlagen gesamt sterreich [tv] Transmitter operators http://www.ors.at/downloads/172.pdf HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  ORS Transmitter operators http://www.ors.at HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  WAB Dampfradio Seite Hobby website http://www.wabweb.net/radio/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  DX Project Graz Hobby website http://www.dxpg.at/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Italian Radios Hobby website http://www.alpe-mare.de/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Andreas Mikula's private radio and TV page Hobby website http://andimik.bplaced.net/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Azerbaijan Radio and TV stations in AZE [tv] Directory http://www.azerweb.com/en/tv.php HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Azores Estaes da Regio Autnoma dos Aores Telecommunication authority http://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?categoryId=42702 HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Belarus includes TV and live links [tv] Media agency http://www.tvr.by/eng/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Belarusskiyj Radiotelevizionnyj Peredajushhij Centr Telecommunication authority http://www.brtpc.by/services/broadcasting/high-frequency/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  DVB-T/T2 broadcasting information Transmitter operators https://beltelecom.by/business/tv/coverage-areas-of-the-territory-of-digital-terrestrial-tv
  Radio broadcasting information Transmitter operators https://beltelecom.by/business/tv/coverage-radio-broadcasting
  The history of radio (FM/AM) in Minsk Hobby website http://radiopriem.net
  Radio frequency base in Belarus Hobby website https://vcfm.ru/radio/radioblr.php
  All about broadcasting in Belarus Hobby website https://vk.com/radioby

Belgium List of local radio stations in Vlaanderen Media agency http://www.vlaamseregulatormedia.be/nl/radio-tv-en-netwerken/radio/particuliere-radio-omroeporganisaties-lokale-radio-omroeporganisaties HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Registre-FM-et-DAB Telecommunication authority https://www.csa.be/document/editeurs-autorises-a-diffuser-par-voie-hertzienne-terrestre-analogique-radios-fm/
  CSA Belgique Telecommunication authority http://www.csa.be/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  DVB-T (TNT) see page 14 for tx location (2010!) [tv] Network http://ds.static.rtbf.be/article/pdf/faq-tnt-2-pour-liens-hypertextesok-1264432689.pdf HTTP/1.1 200 OK;appl
  Tuner.be: FM radio in the Wallonie region Directory http://www.tuner.be/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  RadioVisie Directory http://www.radiovisie.eu/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Passion FM Hobby website http://www.passionfm.be/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Bruxelles=Brussel media weblog Hobby website http://fmlist-bxl.skynetblogs.be/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Radiofan Weblog Hobby website http://www.bloggen.be/radiofan/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Bel FM Hobby website http://www.belfm.be/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Plan de la bande FM en Belgique francophone et germanophone Hobby website http://bandfm.libotte.net/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  The Antenna Site Hobby website http://www.project208.com/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t

Benin Haute Autorit de l'Audiovisuel et de la Communication Media agency https://www.haac.bj/

Bermuda Bermuda Dept of Telecommunications Telecommunication authority http://www.gov.bm/portal/server.pt?open=512&objID=330&PageID=0&cached=true&mode=2&userID=2 HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Bolivia ATT Bolivia Telecommunication authority https://www.att.gob.bo/ SSL certificate prob
  Clandestine list Hobby website https://m.la-razon.com/ciudades/Cunden-radios-clandestinas-Alto_0_1466853325.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Bosnia and Herzegovina Radio, TV, AM database Telecommunication authority https://rak.ba/brdsct-others-data
  Radio Stations Telecommunication authority http://www.cra.ba/en/broadcast/reg/tmpl1.aspx?cid=1865 HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t

Brazil Associao Brasileira de Emissoras de Rdio e Televiso International organisation http://www.abert.org.br/web/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Anatel database (Brasil) Telecommunication authority http://sistemas.anatel.gov.br/se/public/view/b/srd.php HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Wikipedia: Estaes de rdio do Brasil Directory http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Categoria:Estaes_de_rdio_do_Brasil HTTP/1.1 301 TLS Red
  Wikipedia: Rdio no Brasil Directory http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Categoria:!Predefinies_sobre_rdio_no_Brasil HTTP/1.1 301 TLS Red
  DX Garopaba Hobby website http://dxgaropaba.wordpress.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  FM TV-DX Goinia Hobby website http://fmtvdx.wordpress.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Bulgaria Predavatel Directory http://www.predavatel.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  FM-DX BG You Tube video channel Hobby website http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=fmdxbg HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P

Burkina Faso Conseil Suprieur de la Communication Telecommunication authority http://www.csi.bf/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Frequency list from 2015 Network http://www.csc.bf/fichiers_site/a4294bur/contenu_pages/REPRETOIRE%20DES%20MEDIAS%202015.pdf

Canada Industry Canada (CRTC) database Telecommunication authority http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/h_sf09484.html HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  active TV stations in Band 1 [tv] Telecommunication authority http://transition.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?state=CN&chan=02&cha2=06&serv=&type=3&list=1&size=9 HTTP/1.1 200 OK;Cont
  REC Broadcast Query Directory http://cdbs.recnet.com/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Canadian Radio Station List Directory http://www.djbolivia.ca/canadian_radio_station_list.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Canadian Radio Industry News Directory http://www.milkmanunlimited.com/tunedin.htm HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  History of Canadian Broadcasting Directory http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Canadian Radio Directory Hobby website https://www.canadianradiodirectory.com/
  RWCRN Canadian Radio News Hobby website http://www.rwcrn.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Association of Manitoba DXers Hobby website http://www.angelfire.com/mb/amandx/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Canada's Original Radio Site Hobby website http://www.dxer.ca/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Cape Verde ANAC - Agncia Nacional de Comunicaes - Frequncias Rdio Telecommunication authority http://www.anac.cv/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=87&Itemid=109 HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Caribbean Netherlands BT&P Radio & TV stations list Telecommunication authority http://www.btnp.org/html/radio_licenses.php HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Cayman Islands Cayman Islands FM Broadcasting Stations Directory http://www.icta.ky/da_broadcast_stations.php HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Chile Subtel Telecommunication authority https://www.subtel.gob.cl/inicio-concesionario/servicios-de-telecomunicaciones/servicios-de-radiodifusion-sonora/
  Muzak on VHF 6 m in Chile Network http://www.qsl.net/ce3sad/6m.html HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Gua de frecuencias de Radios FM en Chile Directory http://canalesficticios.wiki-site.com/index.php/Anexo:Gua_de_frecuencias_de_Radios_FM_en_Chile HTTP/1.0 302 Moved T
  Radio Maniacos Hobby website http://www.radiomaniacos.cl/ HTTP/1.1 302 Moved T
  Chile DX Club Hobby website http://www.galeon.com/chiledxclub/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  CE3SAD VHF DX website Hobby website http://www.qsl.net/ce3sad/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

China State Administration of Radio, Film and TV Telecommunication authority http://www.sarft.gov.cn/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  SARFT Academy of Broadcasting Planning Telecommunication authority http://www.abp.gov.cn/ Could not resolve ho
  CNR Uighur Network http://latin.uycnr.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  FM China list Directory http://denpasao.wordpress.com/2011/01/27/fmchina/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  GuangBomi Directory http://www.guangbomi.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio Lover Directory http://www.radio-lover.com/ Could not resolve ho
  Radio 5 Directory http://www.radio5.cn/ Connection timed out
  China Radio Stations List Directory http://www.dxing.info/lists/ChinaMWFM-2012.zip HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou
  China broadcast sites Directory http://hlq894231.blog.163.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Chinese BCL Information Hobby website http://zuji.51.net/bcl/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Huang Shan Radio Blog Hobby website http://blog.sina.com.cn/huangshanradio HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  China, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan Hobby website http://www.multilingualbooks.com/online-radio-chinese.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  China BCL Weblog Hobby website http://dwkbs.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  FM Sky Hobby website http://www.fmsky.net/bbs/index.asp HTTP/1.1 200 ;text/h
  42 Radio Hobby website http://www.942radio.com/RadioFans/ HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou
  China (and other) TV channels and frequencies [tv] Hobby website http://www.soontai.com/tvtab5.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  2011 List of FM stations in China Hobby website https://denpasao.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/fmchinaf.pdf HTTP/1.1 200 OK;appl
  FM Diy Hobby website http://www.fmdiy.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  5BCL FM-DX Hobby website http://www.5bcl.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Power FM blog Hobby website http://powerfm.blog.163.com/ HTTP/1.1 302 Moved T

Colombia Colombia DX Hobby website http://colombiadx.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text

Congo, Democratic Rep. List of stations from 2008 Directory http://www.cdacnetwork.org/contentAsset/raw-data/778296d0-a9ea-4938-a047-a58b22c38d20/attachedFile HTTP/1.1 200 OK;appl
  Radios en RD Congo Hobby website http://radiosrdc.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text

Costa Rica Cmara Nacional de Radio de Costa Rica Media agency http://www.canara.org/ HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidd
  Sutel Lista de Emisoras Telecommunication authority https://www.sutel.go.cr/Medios/Descargar/F6F476828A4923C20B274CA7FE328F880B1B78CC SSL certificate prob

Croatia Radio and TV data Telecommunication authority https://www.hakom.hr/default.aspx?id=192 HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  FM radio transmitters of Hrvatski Radio Transmitter operators http://www.oiv.hr/broadcasting/tables/fm_en.aspx HTTP/1.0 302 Found;t
  TV and radio transmitters Transmitter operators http://www.oiv.hr/default.asp?ru=104&gl=200702150000001&sid=&jezik=1 HTTP/1.0 302 Found;t
  DVB-T Croatia Transmitter operators http://www.oiv.hr/broadcasting/tables/dtv_en.aspx HTTP/1.0 302 Found;t
  OIV DAB transmitters Network https://www.oiv.hr/broadcasting/Tables/DAB_en.aspx HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  DVB-T Croatia Network http://www.oiv.hr/broadcasting/tables/dtv_en.aspx HTTP/1.0 302 Found;t
  Radio stations in Croatia Directory http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/List-of-radio-stations-in-Croatia HTTP/1.1 301 MOVED P

Cuba Emisoras de la Radio Cubana Directory http://www.radioguantanamo.cu/Sitios/Radio%20Cubana/Emisoras%20Nacionales.htm Could not resolve ho
  Directorio de Radio Cubana Directory http://www.radiocubana.cu/directorio-de-radio-emisoras-cubanas HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Tele y Radio Noticias de Cuba Hobby website http://teleyradio.blogia.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Cyprus List of Radio and Television Broadcasters Telecommunication authority http://www.crta.org.cy/default.asp?id=280 HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Cyprus TV and Radio Directory http://cyprus-tv.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Cyprus FM & TV stations Directory http://www.moi.gov.cy/moi/pio/pio.nsf/All/7D3E55E5E91F0D45C2256D710021755F?OpenDocument HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Czech Republic - Telecommunication authority http://www.radiokomunikace.cz/tv-a-rozhlasove-vysilani/rozhlasove-fm-vysilace.html?action=list&sfield=program&sorder=desc HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  online database Telecommunication authority http://www.ctu.eu/vyhledavaci-databaze/prehled-rozhlasovych-vysilacu/vyhledavani HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  online database [tv] Telecommunication authority http://www.ctu.cz/ctu-online/vyhledavaci-databaze HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  How to listen to DAB (by Czech public broadcaster) Transmitter operators https://digital.rozhlas.cz/jak-poslouchat-dab-7228484
  Progress Digital - Regional MUX 7 Transmitter operators http://progressdigital.cz/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Digital Broadcasting - MUX 4 Transmitter operators http://www.multiplex4.cz/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Teleko - DAB & FM transmitters operator Transmitter operators http://www.teleko.cz/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  RTI CZ - DAB & FM & DVB-T transmitters operator Transmitter operators http://www.rticz.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Pira: Radio in the Czech Republic Directory http://www.pira.cz/eng/index.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio stations Directory http://www.radiotv.cz/radio/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Československ DX klub (Czechoslovak DX club) Hobby website http://www.dx.cz
  Digital Radio Hobby website http://gsmweb.cz/search.php?op=digir&par=um2&udaj=&gps=&foto=&razeni=cid&smer=vzestupne
  DVB-T Hobby website http://gsmweb.cz/search.php?op=dvbt&par=um2&udaj=&gps=&foto=&razeni=cid&smer=vzestupne
  FM Hobby website http://gsmweb.cz/search.php?op=fm&par=um2&udaj=&gps=&foto=&razeni=cid&smer=vzestupne
  FM radio frequency list Hobby website http://www.dxradio.cz/jidxc/fm_cr.htm
  JIDXC - fast exact and reliable information of CZE radios Hobby website http://www.dxradio.cz/jidxc/news.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio stations Hobby website https://www.oviradio.cz/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Denmark Boxer sendemaster-og-frekvenser Network https://www.boxer.dk/siteassets/pdf-filer/sendemaster-og-frekvenser.pdf
  Boxer Network https://www.boxer.dk/kundeservice/tv/#sendemaster
  Danish radio stations Directory http://www.radioassistant.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio frequencies in DNK, FAR and GRL Hobby website http://www.dkradio.dk HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  TV channels in DNK, FAR and GRL [tv] Hobby website http://www.dansk-tv.dk/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  about Danish FM radio Hobby website http://www.danskradio.dk/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Ecuador - Telecommunication authority https://www.arcotel.gob.ec/radiodifusion-sonora-y-television-abierta2/

Faroe Islands Database Media agency https://www.fjarskiftiseftirlitid.fo/fo/frekvensir/frekvens-og-radioloyvi/radioloyvir/
  Faroese broadcast service Transmitter operators http://www.r2net.fo/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  KVF Frequency List 2022 Network https://kvf.fo/sendinet
  transmitters of Kringvarp Froya Network http://www.kringvarp.fo/kvf/sendinetini/Tiddir HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t

Finland RadioMedia is an umbrella organisation for private radio stations in Finland. International organisation http://www.radiomedia.fi HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Radio stations in Finland Telecommunication authority https://www.viestintavirasto.fi/taajuudet/radiotaajuuksienkaytto/radioasematsuomessa.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Mediamonitori Directory http://www.mediamonitori.fi/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Finn DXer Weblog Hobby website http://finndxer.wordpress.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  FMDX in Finland Hobby website http://www.fmdx.tk HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  FMDX Kangasala Hobby website http://www.kolumbus.fi/~y600236/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

France CSA liste des codes RDS autoriss Telecommunication authority http://www.csa.fr/maradiofm/radiords_tableau HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  PI codes Telecommunication authority http://admi.net/jo/20080422/CSAX0805015X.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Recherche de textes CSA Telecommunication authority http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/initRechTexte.do HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Bretagne et Pays de la Loire (22, 29, 35, 37, 44, 49, 56, 85, 89) Telecommunication authority http://www.csa.fr/actualite/decisions/radio_autorisations_frequences_tableau.php?nom=BretLoire_20070513 HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Bordeaux (16, 17, 24, 33, 40, 47, 64) Telecommunication authority http://www.csa.fr/actualite/decisions/radio_autorisations_frequences_tableau.php?nom=Bordeaux_20070619 HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  TDF Transmitter operators http://www.tdf.fr/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Location of radio transmitters Directory https://www.cartoradio.fr/cartoradio/web/# HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  FMNet Directory http://fmnet.dyndns.org/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  moteur de prdiction des frquences FM en France Directory http://www.mixture.fr HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Annuradio (Brume) Directory http://www.annuradio.fr/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  TVNT-Forum with French TV coverage data Hobby website http://www.tvnt.net/forum/les-zones-de-couverture-f2.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  F5NSL website Hobby website http://fmlist.free.fr/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Le Guide de la Radio Hobby website http://bric-a-brac.org/radio/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  le site du broadcast radio Hobby website http://technic2radio.fr HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  L'univers radio en un site ! Hobby website http://radioscope.free.fr/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  TV & Radio en France Nord Hobby website http://www.tvradio-nord.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio and TV transmitters in France Hobby website http://pagesperso-orange.fr/tvignaud/index.html HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  LISTES DES METTEURS DE TLVISION [tv] Hobby website http://pagesperso-orange.fr/tvignaud/index.html HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority broadcast stations list Telecommunication authority http://www.pura.gm/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=113&Itemid=113 HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Germany RBB radioeins Medienmagazin International organisation http://www.radioeins.de/programm/sendungen/medienmagazin/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Landesanstalt fr Medien Nordrhein-Westfalen Media agency http://www.lfm-nrw.de/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Medienanstalt Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein Media agency http://ma-hsh.de HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg Media agency http://www.mabb.de/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Bayerische Landeszentrale fr neue Medien Media agency http://www.blm.de HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  BNetzA Senderdaten - aktueller Link [tv] Telecommunication authority https://www.bundesnetzagentur.de/cln_1912/DE/Sachgebiete/Telekommunikation/Unternehmen_Institutionen/Frequenzen/OeffentlicheNetze/Rundfunk/rundfunk-node.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radioprogramme des NDR Transmitter operators http://www.ndr.de/radio/index.html HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P
  Radioprogramme des WDR Transmitter operators http://www.wdr.de/radio/home/radiosender/index.phtml HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P
  [dab] Transmitter operators http://www.media-broadcast.com/fileadmin/user_upload/Downloads/DAB-Prospekt-Download.pdf HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  UKWTV Senderfotos Directory http://www.ukwtv.de/radio/frame_senderfotos.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  vom IRT herausgegeben, diverse Sortierungen Directory http://www.irt.de/de/publikationen/wittsmoorliste.html HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Alle Radioprogramme der ARD Directory http://www.ard.de/home/radio/ARD_Radios_im_Ueberblick/109996/index.html HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Radio History Portal (Bayern & Sdtirol) Hobby website http://www.uhini.de/uhini_sites/intern.htm HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Senderfotos Rheinland Hobby website http://www.patzwald.de/senderfotos.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Senderfotos Deutschland Hobby website http://www.senderfotos.de/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Funkempfang eMagazin Hobby website http://www.funkempfang.de/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  TV Helfer Hobby website https://tvhelfer.de HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Map of former analogue TV sites in Germany [tv] Hobby website http://www.saschateichmann.de/tvmap HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Ghana Telecommunication authority Telecommunication authority https://www.nca.org.gh/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio Stations in Ghana Directory http://www.ghanacommunityradio.org/stations/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Radio Stations in Ghana Directory http://www.ghanamedia.info/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio Stations in Ghana Directory http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/communication/radio.php HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Greece Elliniko Radiofono Directory http://radiofono.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Elliniki Tileorasi Directory http://tileorasi.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Satleo Forum Hobby website https://forum.satleo.gr/index.php
  Hellas TV & Radio news Hobby website http://hellastv.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Frequency list Hobby website http://www.tsolias.net/2014/02/1000.html HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  FM & TV transmitter sites in Greece Hobby website http://sixnotites.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Satleo forum Hobby website http://www.satleo.gr/forum2/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  site c/o our editor Michael Nevradakis Hobby website http://www.media.net.gr/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Radiofono Hobby website http://www.radiofono.gr/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Greenland Lokale radiostationer i Grnland Directory http://www.dkradio.dk/lrgroenl.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Grenada National Telecom. Regulatory Commission Telecommunication authority http://www.ntrc.gd/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Guatemala [TURN OFF JAVA SCRIPT !!!] SIT radio stations list (Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones) Telecommunication authority http://espectro.sit.gtm.tripod.com/radiodifusion/radiodifusion.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Guinea-Bissau Autoridade Reguladora Nacional: Frequncias de Rdio Telecommunication authority http://arn.gw/radiodifusao/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Haiti Hati: Sur les Ondes Hobby website http://surlesondes.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text

Honduras Listado de emisoras de radio por zonas Telecommunication authority http://sitae.conatel.gob.hn/SIGERPAC/Radiodifusion/MapaRDS/ListadoLicenciasRDSFM.aspx
  CONATEL Honduras FM stations list Telecommunication authority http://www.conatel.gob.hn/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Hong Kong Hong Kong Radioer Hobby website http://hkradioer.googlepages.com/ HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P

Hungary Live streams and playlists of Hungarian radio stations Directory http://livestat.hu/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Most Hungarian radio and TV in one place! [tv] Directory http://www.onlinestream.hu/
  has DVB and DAB plans online Hobby website http://www.frekvencia.hu/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

India MCIT Wireless Planning & Coordination Telecommunication authority http://www.wpc.dot.gov.in/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Prasar Bharati Transmitter operators http://prasarbharati.gov.in/ HTTP/1.1 302 Redirec
  Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Transmitter operators http://www.becil.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  FM Stations in India Directory http://www.qsl.net/vu2jos/fm/freq.htm HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  DX India Directory http://www.qsl.net/vu2jos/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Community Radio in India Directory http://www.communityradioindia.org/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Alokesh Gupta Radioactivity weblog Hobby website http://alokeshgupta.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P

Iran RTD Transmitter operators http://rtd.irib.ir/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Ostaniha Directory http://www.ostaniha.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Broadcast stations in Khuzestan Hobby website http://ahwazdgtl.blogfa.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Iraq CMC broadcast licences Telecommunication authority http://www.cmc.iq/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Ireland Directory of UK and Irish stations streaming on the web Directory http://www.radiofeeds.co.uk HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  VHF FM-DX Ireland Hobby website http://band2dx.webs.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Israel Israeli private regional radio stations Directory http://www.rashut2.org.il/english_radio.asp HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Italy MISE - TV data and monitoring Telecommunication authority https://www.mise.gov.it/programmi_televisivi/home.html
  AGCOM - FM, DAB, TV data Telecommunication authority http://www.catastofrequenze.agcom.it/catasto/pubblico HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Mediasud (Basilicata, Puglia) Transmitter operators http://www.mediasud.it/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Lago Maggiore area Transmitter operators http://www.tvr.cc/postazioni.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Raiway [tv] Transmitter operators http://www.raiway.rai.it/index.php?lang=IT&cat=71C HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P
  1500 towers in Italy Transmitter operators https://www.eitowers.it/mappa/mappahome.shtml?id=39&mv=39 SSL certificate prob
  Radio- and frequency news from whole Italy Hobby website http://www.fm-world.it/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  frequency radio tv and news from Sardinia Hobby website http://www.sardegnahertz.it HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio e TV a Trapani (Sicily) Hobby website http://www.radiotvtrapani.altervista.org/RTV/ HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidd
  La TV digitale terrestre in Italia Hobby website http://www.litaliaindigitale.it HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Digitale terrestre Puglia Hobby website https://digitalemanfredonia.blogspot.hr HTTP/1.0 302 Moved T
  Le tv delle citt italiane [tv] Hobby website http://www.otgtv.it/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio e TV in Sicilia Hobby website http://sicilia.onderadio.net HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Ascolti a lunga distanza di radio e tv italiane e straniere con propagazione Hobby website http://fmdx.altervista.org HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Il DTT nella citt di Trieste [tv] Hobby website http://www.alexmusic.net/tele/dtt/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Ivory Coast Forum-Media Cte dIvoire International organisation http://forum-medias.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  CNCA Cte d'Ivoire Telecommunication authority http://www.lecnca.net/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Jamaica SMA Jamaica broadcast list Telecommunication authority http://www.sma.gov.jm/spectrum-users HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Japan MIC Japan broadcast station query Telecommunication authority http://www.tele.soumu.go.jp/musen/SearchServlet?pageID=1 HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio and TV Directory http://www.denpa-data.com/denpadata/
  Kikuradio Directory http://www.kikuradio.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Japan transmitter sites Directory http://tinyurl.com/5u4lwne HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  DX BBS Hobby website http://6414.teacup.com/mwdx/bbs HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  VHF-DX in Kanagawa Hobby website http://fmdx.blog81.fc2.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Transmitter sites in Aichi, Gifu, Mie Prf. Hobby website http://f29.aaa.livedoor.jp/~santah/wave3/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  West Tokyo FM-TV DX Hobby website http://konsu.sakura.ne.jp/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Jordan Jordan FM Radio Guide Directory http://nasimjo.blogspot.com/search/label/radioguide HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text

Kenya Communications Commission of Kenya Transmitter operators http://www.cck.go.ke/ Could not resolve ho
  CCK Broadcast Stations List Directory http://www.cck.go.ke/licensing/broadcasting/register.html Could not resolve ho

Korea Sibo Peiji Radio list Directory http://skun.info/radio2011/sibo.php? HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio stations in South Korea Directory http://tinyurl.com/l3cvu4v HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Latvia FM, AM and TV [tv] Telecommunication authority http://www.esd.lv/inner.php?left=106&left2=233&html=wa_skanas.php HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  All Latvian radio stations Directory http://eradio.lv/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Travel Radio DX Hobby website http://www.travelradio.lv/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Lebanon Lebanon VHF/FM Broadcasting Stations Directory http://www.qsl.net/g4jfs/stnlist.htm HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Libya Libya Media Wiki Directory http://en.libyamediawiki.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Libya FM list Hobby website http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/Libya/Libya.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  North Africa FM Database Hobby website http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/FreqOrder.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Lithuania FM radio transmitters Transmitter operators http://www.telecentras.lt/paslaugos/Radijo_ir_TV_programu_siuntimas/Radijo_programu_siuntimas/Siustuvai/ HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou
  TV transmitters Transmitter operators http://www.telecentras.lt/paslaugos/Radijo_ir_TV_programu_siuntimas/Skaitmenines_TV_programu_siuntimas/Siustuvai/ HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou
  National TV: channels [tv] Network http://www.lrt.lt/tv/static.php?strid=5173& HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Radio in Lithuania Directory http://www.zilionis.lt/rtv/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  TV in LITHUANIA [tv] Hobby website http://www.zilionis.lt/rtv/tv-st.php?e HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Luxembourg Registre des frequences Telecommunication authority https://web.ilr.lu/FR/Professionnels/Frequences-radioelectriques/Utilisation-de-frequences/Registre-des-frequences/Pages/default.aspx HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Malaysia Malaysia Communications Multimedia Comission Telecommunication authority http://skmm.gov.my Failed to connect to
  RTM frequency list (Radio) Network http://www.geocities.ws/unitspektrum/index1.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  RTM frequency map Network http://www.geocities.ws/unitspektrum/peta%20fm%20semenanjung.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Mayotte Frquences Radios Mayotte Directory https://radio.yt/frequences-radios-a-mayotte/ SSL certificate prob

Mexico SISTEMA DE CONSULTA Y PREANLISIS DE COBERTURAS DE RADIODIFUSIN EN LNEA Telecommunication authority http://mapasradiodifusion.ift.org.mx/CPCREL-web/consultaCoberturas/infografia.xhtml
  COFETEL broadcast stations list Telecommunication authority http://www.cft.gob.mx/wb/Cofetel_2008/Cofe_infraestructura Could not resolve ho
  Grupo Frmula Transmitter operators http://ramsa.radioformula.com/ Could not resolve ho
  Multimedios Radio Transmitter operators http://www.mmradio.com/estaciones HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Estaciones de radio en Mxico (Wikipedia) Directory http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anexo:Estaciones_de_radio_en_el_Distrito_Federal_%28M%C3%A9xico%29 HTTP/1.1 301 TLS Red
  Webradios Mexiko Directory http://www.emisorasdemexico.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Directorio de medios en Mxico Directory http://enmedios.com/index.htm HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  El blog de la Radio! Hobby website http://elblogdelaradio.wordpress.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Moldova - Media agency http://www.mediavoice.impact.md/ Could not resolve ho
  Consiliul Coordonator al Audiovizualului Telecommunication authority http://www.cca.md/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  The coverage of the stations broadcasting Telecommunication authority http://cnfr.md/index.php?pag=page&id=1448&l=en HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  FrocuSat Moldavia FM & TV transmitter list Directory http://www.frosat.net/main.php?lng=ro&rzd=E-TV&pag=area HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Moldavia TV list by Frocusat forum [tv] Hobby website http://www.frosat.net/main.php?lng=en&rzd=E-TV&pag=area&g=67&tip=tv#emiter_table HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Mongolia ICPTA Mongolia Telecommunication authority http://www.ictpa.gov.mn/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia Telecommunication authority http://www.crc.gov.mn/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Montenegro Radio difuzni centar Transmitter operators http://rdc.co.me/

Morocco HACA-Haute Autorit de la Communication Audiovisuelle Telecommunication authority http://www.haca.ma/indexFr.jsp?id=65 HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou
  North Africa FM Database Hobby website http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/FreqOrder.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Mozambique INCM Broadcast Stations list Directory http://www.incm.gov.mz/pdf/RC2005.pdf HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou

Nepal The objectives of seti f.m. 93.6mhz is to uplift status of educational,cultural,regional,entertainment,economic,political,health,tourism,agricultural. Network http://www.radioseti.org HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Nepal Radio Directory http://www.nepalradio.org/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  ACORAB Nepal Directory http://www.acorab.org.np/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  FM Station Directory 2011 Directory http://www.nepalradio.org/nepalradio/fmdirectory2011/New%20-%20FM_Station_Directory_2011.pdf HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  FM Radio in Nepal Hobby website http://fmradiosnepal.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text

Netherlands Alticom broadcast towers Transmitter operators http://www.alticom.nl/ HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Req
  Radio and TV stations in the Netherlands Directory http://www.radio-tv-nederland.nl/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Etherpiraten Info Hobby website http://www.etherpirateninfo.net/
  Dave Onley's DX web site Hobby website http://ozclog.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P
  FM TV DX Hobby website http://www.fmtvdx.eu/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Mediumwave in the Netherlands Hobby website http://www.middengolf.info/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  John Mrsyl's DX-Blog Hobby website http://johnmarsyla.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Ontvangstrapporten Hobby website http://www.ontvangst.org/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

New Zealand NZ Radio Spectrum Management Telecommunication authority http://www.rsm.govt.nz/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  LPFM Society Directory http://www.lpfmnz.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  List of LPFM stations in New Zealand Directory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LPFM_stations_in_New_Zealand HTTP/1.1 301 TLS Red
  Frequency Finder NZ Directory http://www.frequencyfinder.co.nz/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  - Directory http://www.nzradioguide.co.nz/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  New Zealand LPFM Radio Station Network Directory http://www.low-power-fm-radio.spacejunk.co.nz/lpfm-radio-station-list.asp HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  The Radio Vault Hobby website http://www.theradiovault.net/ HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P

Nicaragua TELCOR Ente Regulador Telecommunication authority http://www.telcor.gob.ni/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Nigeria National Broadcasting Commission Media agency http://nbc.gov.ng HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  CCM radio station list Directory http://ccm.com.ng/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/CCM-Radio-Stations.pdf HTTP/1.1 200 OK;appl

North Macedonia FM and TV [tv] Media agency http://avmu.mk/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Transmitter operator Transmitter operators https://jpmrd.gov.mk/en/
  - Directory http://checast.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Radio and TV Frequencies Directory https://e-agencija.aek.mk/AekPlan/pages/locations.xhtml

Norway Licenses for local radio 2015 Media agency http://www.medietilsynet.no/globalassets/dokumenter/mars-2015_konsesjonaroversikt_lokalradio.pdf HTTP/1.1 200 OK;appl
  DVB in Norway [tv] Telecommunication authority http://www.norkring.no HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  transmitter map FM/TV/DAB Transmitter operators http://www.finnsenderen.no HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  News Site Network http://www.radionytt.no/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  News Site Network http://www.lokalradio.no HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Norway TV [tv] Network http://www.ntv.no/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  DVB in Norway [tv] Network http://www.ntv.no/nar_skjer_digitalovergangen_hos_meg HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Pakistan PEMRA Licences Media agency http://www.pemra.gov.pk/pdf/List%20of%20FM%20Radio%20Station%20licences%20issued%20by%20PEMRA.pdf HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou
  LIST OF NON COMMERCIAL FM RADIO STATION LICENCES Telecommunication authority https://pemra.gov.pk/uploads/licensing/fm/List_Of_Non_Commercial_FM_Radio.pdf
  LIST OF COMMERCIAL FM RADIO STATION LICENCES Network https://pemra.gov.pk/uploads/licensing/fm/List_Of_Commercial_FM_Radio.pdf
  PEMRA Licenses 2014 Network http://www.pemra.gov.pk/pemra/images/docs/fm/List_Of_Commercial_FM_Radio.pdf HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou

Panama ASEP Panam Telecommunication authority https://www.asep.gob.pa/ SSL certificate prob

Paraguay Conatel Paraguay list of brodcasters Telecommunication authority http://www.conatel.gov.py/rnst.htm HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Conatel Paraguay local FM stations Telecommunication authority http://www.conatel.gov.py/documentos/Listado de Autorizados del Servicio de Rad Sonora de Pequea y Mediana Cobertura.pdf inHTTP/1.1 400 Bad R
  CIRD Directorio de Medios Directory http://www.cird.org.py/comunicacion/documentos/directorio_de_medios_2009.pdf HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Peru MTC Peru broadcast list Telecommunication authority https://www.gob.pe/institucion/mtc/informes-publicaciones/344298-estaciones-autorizadas-de-radiodifusion-dgat-mtc
  Call sign database Telecommunication authority https://rnf.mtc.gob.pe/
  Directorio de Radios del Per Directory http://www.deperu.com/radios/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Philippines National Telecommunications Commission Telecommunication authority http://www.ntc.gov.ph/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  NTC Region 3 Telecommunication authority http://region3.ntc.gov.ph/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radyo Natin Network Network http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radyo_Natin_Network HTTP/1.1 301 TLS Red

Poland Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej Telecommunication authority http://www.uke.gov.pl/uke/redir.jsp?place=galleryStats&id=14748 HTTP/1.0 302 Found;t
  Map of main objects in Poland Transmitter operators http://www.emitel.pl/strona-glowna/mapa-obiektow HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Polish radiostations online Hobby website http://nadaje.com HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Podlasie FM Hobby website http://podlasie-fm.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P
  The most popular polish website about radio and tv Hobby website http://www.radiopolska.pl/
  FM & TV DXing in Poland Hobby website http://www.fmdx.pl/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Portugal Anacom (Portugal, Aores, Madeira) Telecommunication authority http://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?categoryId=1729&themeMenu=1#horizontalMenuArea HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Portal Portugus de Rdio Directory http://www.ondalivre.com HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Russia RTRN Moskva Directory http://www.tvtower.ru/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Victor City Directory http://www.vcfm.ru HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Guzei radio stations list Directory http://guzei.com/radio/station/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  NovosibDX Hobby website http://www.novosibdx.info HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Watch TV from Russia online [tv] Hobby website http://www.debilizator.tv/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Rossiisky UKV Portal Hobby website http://www.vhfdx.ru/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radioscanner Hobby website http://www.radioscanner.ru/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Rwanda Frequency list from 2020 Network https://rura.rw/fileadmin/Documents/ICT/statistics/Report_of_FM_Stations_Operating_in_Rwanda_and_their_Approximate_Coverage_as_May_2020.pdf

Senegal ARPT Sngal FM stations list Telecommunication authority http://www.artpsenegal.net/telecharger/document_EXPLOITANTS DE STATIONS DE RADIODIFFUSION FM_127.pdf inHTTP/1.0 400 Bad r
  ARTP Senegal Telecommunication authority http://www.artp-senegal.org/telecharger/document_EXPLOITANTS%20DE%20STATIONS%20DE%20RADIODIFFUSION%20FM_127.pdf HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou

Serbia Register of broadcasting stations (FM, TV) [tv] Telecommunication authority http://registar.ratel.rs/en/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  - Telecommunication authority http://www.ratel.org.rs/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Emission technick and connections Transmitter operators http://www.etv.rs/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  - Directory http://checast.com/radio/rs/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  FM Nebo Hobby website http://fmnebo.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text

Slovakia Slovak media agency Media agency https://medialne.etrend.sk HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Slovakia transmitter operator Transmitter operators http://www.towercom.sk HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  DVB-T in Slovakia [tv] Network http://www.digitalnatelevizia.sk/informacie/dvb-t/dvb-t-na-slovensku.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  not only SAT but also DAB news Hobby website https://www.satelitnatv.sk/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  SVK Transmitters Hobby website http://www.radia.sk/frekvencie HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  DX Forum Hobby website http://www.dxforum.vysielace.sk

Slovenia RTVSLO - FM, DAB+, DVB-T Transmitter operators https://www.rtvslo.si/oz
  RTVSLO - FM Transmitter operators https://www.rtvslo.si/fm/obvestila
  RTVSLO - DAB Transmitter operators https://www.rtvslo.si/dab/obvestila
  RTVSLO - TV Transmitter operators https://www.rtvslo.si/dvb-t/obvestila
  in German, but covering also Radio and TV in SVN Hobby website http://andimik.bplaced.net/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  in German, but covering also Radio and TV in SVN Hobby website http://www.alpe-mare.de/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

South Africa NAB Media agency http://www.nab.org.za/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Sentech Telecommunication authority http://www.sentech.co.za/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Broadcasting Frequency Plan 2013 Telecommunication authority https://www.ellipsis.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Update-TBFP-2-April-2013.pdf
  ICASA Telecommunication authority https://www.icasa.org.za/ SSL certificate prob
  FM Frequency Assignments (Amended) Directory https://archive.opengazettes.org.za/archive/ZA/2017/government-gazette-ZA-vol-630-no-41362-dated-2017-12-29.pdf
  Media Connection South Africa Directory http://www.themediaconnection.co.za/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  National Community Radio Forum (NCRF) Directory http://www.ncrf.org.za/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  ICASA Frequency List Directory http://www.info.gov.za/view/DownloadFileAction?id=112411 HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Spain Ministerio de Industria, Energa y Turismo Telecommunication authority http://www.minetur.gob.es/telecomunicaciones/Espectro/RadioTV HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  RNE Emisoras de FM Network http://www.rtve.es/rne/emisoras/frec-rne.html HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P
  Spanish radio database Directory http://www.antenadigital.es/?page_id=29 HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  FM-DX Espaa FM stations database Directory http://www.fmdx.es/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Ubicacin de los centros emisores de las principales emisoras de Espaa. Directory https://radioes.net
  - Directory http://www.radioes.net HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  MonDigital Catalunya Hobby website http://hl33.dinaserver.com/hosting/mondigital.cat/ Connection timed out
  Radioescucha AM FM DAB+ Hobby website https://magdalenadx.wixsite.com/rafaelhouse17
  MonDigital Catalunya Hobby website http://www.mondigital.cat
  FM-DX Garraf blogspot Hobby website http://dx-garraf.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Radios Espanolas en directo Hobby website http://www.palimpalem.com/5/mediosdecomunicacion/body7.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  El Radioescucha Hobby website http://elradioescucha.wordpress.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Spanish FM radio database Hobby website http://aer.org.es/listas-dx/espana-en-fm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  DIALES EN ESPAA Hobby website http://www.frecuencias.com HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Mundo DX Hobby website http://www.mundodx.net/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Asociacin Espaola de Radioescucha Hobby website http://aer.org.es/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Sri Lanka TRC Sri Lanka FM stations Telecommunication authority http://spectrum.trc.gov.lk/Broadcasting/FM/FM1.html Could not resolve ho
  TRC Sri Lanka FM frequency assignments Telecommunication authority http://spectrum.trc.gov.lk/Broadcasting/FM/download/FM.pdf Could not resolve ho
  SLBC Ex Engineering Officers Association Transmitter operators http://www.slbceng.org/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  TV & Radio Sri Lanka Hobby website http://tvradiosrilanka.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text

Sweden Myndigheten fr Press, Radio och TV Media agency https://www.mprt.se/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Frequency table Radio Transmitter operators https://www.teracom.se/privat/Support/frekvenstabeller-radio/
  Frequency table TV [tv] Transmitter operators https://www.teracom.se/privat/Support/frekvenstabeller-tv/
  Swedish Radio map Directory https://www.bytfrekvens.nu/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radioguiden.se Directory https://fm.guide/public/se_en.php HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  News site Hobby website http://radionytt.se/nyheter/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Sveriges DX-Frbund Hobby website http://www.sdxf.se/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Sveriges Radioportal Hobby website http://www.onair.nu/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Switzerland Schweizerische UKW-Sender Media agency http://www.bakom.admin.ch/themen/frequenzen/00652/00655/index.html?lang=de&download=NHzLpZeg7t%2Clnp6I0NTU042l2Z6ln1acy4Zn4Z2qZpnO2Yuq2Z6gpJCDfX18fmym162epYbg2c_JjKbNoKSn6A--&ei=gvPeVdXkGcP4aIy8peAI&usg=AFQjCNFDomQU2fxKxnXwcrV-4cAIyQKGpw&cad=rja HTTP/1.0 302 Found;t
  Location of radio transmitters Telecommunication authority http://www.funksender.ch/webgis/bakom.php HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Senderverzeichnis 01/2013 Telecommunication authority http://www.broadcast.ch/xportal/tools/getPortalDoc.aspx?DocID=545 HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  PIRA FM monitoring Geneve Hobby website http://www.emetteurs.ch/fm_monitor/fm_monitor_ge_fr.php HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Lists of FM-, DAB and DVB-T-Transmitter-Networks and more Hobby website http://www.emetteurs.ch HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Taiwan FM Stations TX site-address + G.C. Telecommunication authority http://www.ncc.gov.tw/chinese/show_file.aspx?table_name=site_content&file_sn=61 HTTP/1.1 302 Redirec

Tanzania Licensed Stations im Tanzania Media agency https://www.tcra.go.tz/uploads/documents/sw-1622539025-Huduma%20za%20Maudhui%20Mei,%202020.pdf
  Tanzania radio stations list Directory http://www.tv4d.org/Tanzania_4_Mediaprofile.pdf HTTP/1.1 200 OK;appl

Thailand National Broadcasting and Telecom Commission Telecommunication authority http://broadcast.nbtc.go.th/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Samakhom Witthayu Directory http://www.samakhomwittayu.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=788 Could not resolve ho
  Thailand local FM stations Directory Connection timed out
  VisitingThailand Hobby website http://www.vakantieweblog.eu/thailand/rtv/rtv.html HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou

Togo ARTP Togo Telecommunication authority http://www.artp.tg/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Trinidad + Tobago Trinidad & Tobago radio licences Telecommunication authority http://www.tatt.org.tt/radioBL.htm HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Tunisia - Media agency http://www.telediffusion.net.tn HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  North Africa FM Database Hobby website http://www.ukdx.org.uk/fm/FreqOrder.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Turkey RADIO AND TELEVISION SUPREME COUNCIL Telecommunication authority http://www.rtuk.org.tr HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Uganda UCC radio & TV stations list Telecommunication authority http://www.ucc.co.ug/files/downloads/Radio & TV Stations in Uganda as of 1 December 2011.pdf inHTTP/1.1 400 Bad R
  Uganda Media Council radio stations list Directory http://www.mediacouncil.ug/docs/Radio%20Stations.doc HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P

Ukraine Pro Radio Ukraine Directory http://www.proradio.org.ua/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  UKRTVR Hobby website http://www.ukrtvr.org/ HTTP/1.1 447 ;Server
  Ukraine TV list by Frocusat forum [tv] Hobby website http://www.frosat.net/main.php?lng=en&rzd=E-TV&pag=area&g=67&tip=tv&str=ua#emiter_table HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  VHF DX Hobby website http://www.qsl.net/g0isw HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  DX in Alchevsk Hobby website http://dxinalchevsk.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text

United Arab Emirates Visiting UAE (2005) Hobby website http://www.vakantieweblog.eu/vakanties/dubai/radiotv/rtv_dubai.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Visiting UAE (2007) Hobby website http://www.vakantieweblog.eu/vakanties/dubai2007/radiotv/rtv_dubai.html HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

United Kingdom Ofcom Tech Parameters (AM, FM, DAB) Telecommunication authority https://www.ofcom.org.uk/spectrum/information/radio-tech-parameters HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Ofcom Tech Parameters ([TV]) Telecommunication authority https://www.ofcom.org.uk/spectrum/information/transmitter-frequency HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Current RSLs Telecommunication authority http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/radiolicensing/rsls/current_list.htm HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Ofcom Telecommunication authority http://www.ofcom.org.uk/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  BBC W Carribean Service Network http://www.bbc.co.uk/caribbean/fm2.shtml HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  BBC 24hr relays and partner stations rebroadcasting BBC World Service in Africa Network http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/specials/1318_africa_radio_aw/bbc_relay_partners.pdf HTTP/1.1 200 OK;appl
  Radio Now UK Directory http://www.radio-now.co.uk/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Directory of UK and Irish stations streaming on the web Directory http://www.radiofeeds.co.uk HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  MDS975 Radio page Hobby website http://www.mds975.co.uk/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Transmitter locations for radio and tv in the UK Hobby website http://www.ukfree.tv/radiomaps.php?tx=all HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  G1VVP DX site Hobby website http://www.g1vvp.co.uk/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  MB21-The Transmission Gallery Hobby website http://tx.mb21.co.uk/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Skywaves Hobby website http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/SkywavesDX/ HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P
  Coordinate converter for NGR Hobby website http://www.nearby.org.uk/coord.cgi?p=SO511691&f=full HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Band 1 TV Information [tv] Hobby website http://www.g0che.co.uk/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

United States of America Radio World International organisation http://www.rwonline.com/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  FCC FM query Telecommunication authority http://www.fcc.gov/mb/audio/fmq.html HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P
  FCC ULS database Telecommunication authority http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/ HTTP/1.1 302 Moved T
  Wilner Associates Broadcasting Transmitter operators http://www.vermontel.net/~bdcst/ HTTP/1.1 302 Moved T
  Broadcast Engineering: Behind the Scenes Transmitter operators https://people.well.com/user/dmsml/look.html SSL certificate prob
  Boston area unlicensed FM radio stations Directory http://www.bamlog.com/bostonlp.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  HD Radio Directory Directory https://hddirectory.neocities.org/
  FCCdata.org - powered by REC Directory https://fccdata.org/
  FM tuner information center Directory http://www.fmtunerinfo.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  The Stream Center Directory http://www.thestreamcenter.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  - Directory http://www.usliveradio.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  FCC data on Google Earth (AM-UHF) Directory http://www.fccinfo.com/fccinfo_google_earth.php HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio Locator Directory http://www.radio-locator.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  HD radio stations (AM/FM) Directory http://www.hdradio.com/stations HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Spreadsheet with FCC Technical Data on TV Stations by Doug Lung [tv] Directory http://xmtr.com/fcc/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  A Service of Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc. Directory http://www.fccinfo.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Radio Business Report Directory http://www.rbr.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  FM Fool Directory http://www.fmfool.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Worldwide TV-FM DX Association Hobby website http://www.wtfda.org/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  IRCA Slogans compiled by Kraig Krist, KG4LAC Hobby website https://misc.kg4lac.com/irca/
  Mike's TV and FM DX Page Hobby website http://fmdx.usclargo.com/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  K3PHL FM DXing Hobby website http://home.comcast.net/~k3phl/ HTTP/1.0 301 Redirec
  Fybush:Tower site of the week Hobby website http://www.fybush.com/siteindex.html HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  various nice material Hobby website http://ham-radio.com/k6sti/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Where is that station? (stopped 2006) Hobby website http://www.dobe.com/wts/index.htm HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P
  website by WTFA member Danny Oglethorpe Hobby website http://www.tvdxexpo.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  FM and TV database listings [tv] Hobby website http://www.w9wi.com/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  PI code calculator Hobby website http://www.w9wi.com/articles/rdsreverse.htm HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  DXing in Northern Virginia Hobby website http://fmradiodx.wordpress.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Chris Kadlec FM & TV-DX Page Hobby website http://www.beaglebass.com/dx/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  John Cereghin's DX Page Hobby website http://wdx3iao.wordpress.com/ HTTP/1.1 301 Moved P
  Engineering Radio Hobby website http://www.engineeringradio.us/ HTTP/1.1 302 Found;t
  Florida DX News Hobby website http://sites.google.com/site/floridadxn/ HTTP/1.0 302 Moved T
  The Pat Dyer WA5IYX Memorial Website Hobby website http://www.wtfda.org/pjdyer/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text

Uruguay Asociacin de Radios del Interior Media agency http://www.rami.com.uy/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Asociacin Nacional de Broadcasters Uruguayos Media agency http://www.andebu.org/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  Unidad Reguladora de Servicios de Comunicaciones Telecommunication authority http://www.ursec.gub.uy/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text
  URSEC broadcast FM stations list Telecommunication authority http://www.ursec.gub.uy/scripts/locallib/imagenes/FM_Coord_PER_HMA.xls HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou

Uzbekistan - Telecommunication authority http://www.fmradio.uz Could not resolve ho

Venezuela Venezuela FM community radio stations Telecommunication authority http://www.conatel.gob.ve/index.php/principal/medioshabilitados HTTP/1.0 301 Moved P
  Conatel Venezuela broadcast stations list Telecommunication authority http://www.conatel.gob.ve/files/operadoras/Listado_Habilitaciones_%20100309.xls HTTP/1.0 404 Not Fou
  Camradio Venezuela radio stations list Directory http://www.camradio.org/asociados/browser/homepage.htm HTTP/1.1 404 Not Fou
  La Radio en Venezuela Directory http://radiovenezolana.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text
  Venezuela DX Weblog Hobby website http://venezueladx.blogspot.com/ HTTP/1.0 200 OK;text

Zambia Zambia FM frequency changes Telecommunication authority http://www.caz.zm/index.php/download-section/doc_details/25-frequency-re-planing-and-re-assignment.html Connection timed out

Zimbabwe roadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) Media agency http://www.baz.co.zw/ HTTP/1.1 200 OK;text